Late Night Talk: Moscow. Archeology of the Future . Rem&Koolhaas and Vladimir Pozner

MUF 2018
17 July

Rem Koolhaas, the most influential architectural thinker and practitioner of our time, was inspired by modern Russian architecture during his first visit to the Soviet Union in 1965. Many underestimate the extent of his fascination with Russia and the impact of this interest on his ideas and practices. Rem talked about Moscow repeatedly, including as 'the only megacity of Europe', and developed and conducted the first international research and education programme on cities at the Strelka Institute. He is now working on projects involving rethinking cultural objects of the Soviet era.

  • What is today's Moscow? 
  • How has the city developed and evolved in different periods of modern history? 
  • What is its role in the world? 
  • What are its unique features, and what unexpected ideas are there for the development of Moscow?