Zaryadye as a Model. Strategic Choices to Consider in the Redevelopment of the City Centre

MUF 2018
17 July

Zaryadye is not just the first large park built in Moscow in the last fifty years. Most importantly, it was conceived as a new design and a new function for a derelict plot in the very heart of the city. Instead of building more expensive real estate or a high-end mall, the city created a new symbol for itself located in close proximity to Moscow's world-renowned landmark St. Basil’s Cathedral. This modern, multifunctional and technologically complex space open to citizens and tourists was designed and implemented by a large international team. 

  • When considering the redevelopment, why did the city make a choice to create a public space? 
  • What was the process of creating a design for the park? What is the future of Zaryadye? 
  • Will it become an inspiration for other Russian cities and for the world?