Active city. An environment that promotes movement

MUF 2019
04 July
Nowadays, it takes a lot less effort than even a decade ago for a resident to get what he or she wants: delivery services, electronic services and taxis are rapidly taking away the people's need to move around. The downside of technological progress are diseases developing because of obesity, which is one of the most serious problems of the XXI century, caused by the lack of regular physical activity. The solution of the problem is “programming” the urban environment and buildings, which can stimulate active movement. Alexi Marmot is not only an expert in creating special zones that motivate physical activity but is also a researcher of “healthy buildings” and their impact on the well-being of people.

  • What does the environment that motivates residents to be more active look like?
  • How can a comfortable environment be organised for all categories of the population?


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