Healthy Streets. New approach to street design in London

MUF 2019
05 July
In February 2017, the London Department of Transportation (TfL) approved a plan to implement projects that meet the concept of the Healthy Streets. The total value of these projects is ?2.1 billion. In 2018, the Mayor of London, Sadik Khan, proposed a strategy for the development of urban transport in London over the next 25 years for the public discussion. One of the central elements of the programme is the concept of Healthy Streets.
In terms of investment and influence on urban policy, the Healthy Streets project is approaching the level of the largest infrastructure projects, such as the construction of the new Crossrail underground line, although, it is just about the design of public spaces. In her presentation, Lucy Sanders, author of the Healthy Streets concept, will talk about how to make the health and well-being of residents a priority of urban policy.

  • How does the design of public spaces affect the health of residents?
  • What are the guidelines of the Healthy Streets programme?
  • How do we make the design of public spaces a priority of urban policy?



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