Quality for everyone. Balanced urban development

#Plenary session on the results of the Forum "My District"
MUF 2019
05 July
A large metropolis is always a heterogeneous territory. The irregularity is determined by a wide range of factors: from the period and nature of the built environment to the location of landmarks on a city scale in a particular area. One way or another, the modern approach to developing cities implies an emphasis on shaping the identity of its different territories, while ensuring a consistent level of quality and availability of services for all residents. The My District programme is Moscow's response to the challenge of ensuring a consistent level of quality of life throughout the city, shaping the identity of neighbourhoods, and recognising the needs of residents.

  • How do the cities of the world respond to the challenges of ensuring a high quality of life throughout the city?
  • What are the modern standards of quality urban environment and urban services?
  • How can the opinion of residents and local features of the territories be recognised when implementing such initiatives?