Quality of life. Solutions for Global Megacities

#Opening plenary session
MUF 2019
04 July
Until recently, the main indicator of the development for megacities was the rate of economic growth, but over time international organizations and city administrations have come to the conclusion that GDP is not the only criterion for assessing the well-being of residents. Therefore, modern cities are placing more emphasis on factors that determine the quality of human life, such as an engaging urban environment, good ecology, access to social services, business opportunities. Improving the people's quality of life is impossible without creating initiatives in the field of housing and urban environment, transport and technology, as well as enabling social change. Therefore, the leading metropolises, and Moscow is no exception, launch large-scale complex projects that allow them to achieve improvements in several areas of city life at once.

  • What factors determine the quality of life in the city?
  • How do we measure the quality of life?
  • What projects and initiatives allow the largest megacities to improve the appeal of the urban environment and the quality of life in the city?