Not just standardised. How do architects see modern housing?

#Talk Show
MUF 2019
04 July
The demand for housing is growing at an unprecedented pace in both developed and developing countries. In many countries — in China, the USA, the Soviet Union — this issue was solved by constructing standard mass housing, which provided apartments or houses to a large number of residents in short time at a low cost. Today, however, the approach in which the entire metropolis or region is built up as a standard project is no longer viable, as the modern city involves many scenarios of life. Architects were among the first to try to rethink the legacy of the modernist era and offer alternatives to mass housing — they experiment with layouts, materials, mix residential and public functions, and develop solutions that consider a variety of interests of residents. Leading Russian and international architects present their views on modern housing.

  • Who sets the trends in creating new types of living spaces — architects, developers or residents?
  • What kind of housing should there be according to the modern architect? What is missing in modern houses?
  • What additional functions should be considered in modern housing projects to meet the needs of residents?