Water asset. Moscow River as a citywide recreation

#Round table
MUF 2019
04 July
Most of the largest cities in the world developed around waterways. Rivers not only helped to provide cities with all necessary resources but also stimulated the economic development of the regions. Today, coastal areas also offer many opportunities for urban development, influencing the economy and transport infrastructure, social and environmental sectors. New development projects and new public and recreational spaces start appearing near the rivers, which attract both local residents and tourists.

Moscow is also actively developing the areas of the Moscow River, creating lively public spaces and implementing major development projects. By 2035 Moscow plans to improve all of the city waterfronts, as well as to redevelop 19% of industrial zones along the river. The Moscow River has the potential to become a new hot spot for residents and tourists and a driver for the development of urban areas.

  • What is the status of improvement of the Moscow River embankments? How can we improve the quality of life in the metropolis by developing the areas along the river?
  • What social and environmental benefits do cities receive from coastal development?
  • How can city authorities, developers and local communities cooperate in coastal development projects?


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