City management tools. Priorities and practices of urban development

#Panel discussion
MUF 2019
04 July
Cities compete to build the most effective governance systems — those that ensure inclusive growth, the interests of all residents, the steady functioning of urban systems and services. Over the past few years, Moscow has placed its bets on the introduction of advanced spatial, technological and management practices, which enabled it to modernize the post-Soviet city in the shortest possible time. Today, Moscow focuses its development on ensuring a high quality of life throughout the city, ensuring equal opportunities, high level of services.

  • What management approaches and projects allowed Moscow to be successfully modernized?
  • How do Moscow and other cities of the world implement tasks related to balanced development, citizen engagement, digitalization?
  • What are the prospects for the development of management systems in global megacities? What trends should such cities take into account? How can cities communicate with residents?


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