Urban Health. Urban environment as a source of health

#Urban Health Congress plenary session
MUF 2019
04 July
Health is one of the key elements of the quality of life. Over the past hundred years, humanity has achieved significant success in prolonging life expectancy by eliminating many centuries-old health risks. At the same time, the ongoing urbanisation is offering new challenges: how to make sure that the urban environment and lifestyle don't affect the well-being of residents, but on the contrary, promote an active and healthy life. The so-called diseases of affluence which modern residents face require a reaction by professionals not only in the field of health care but all the key areas of urban development — from urban planning to transport. The "health into all policies" principle is becoming more relevant for modern megacities which put the quality of life of residents as their key priority.

  • What “diseases of the century” does the modern city struggle with?
  • How can we address the difficulty of promoting healthy lifestyles across the city?
  • How can the Urban Health approach be applied in real life?


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04 July 10:00–11:15