Between Society and Territory. Why Do Architects Need to Be Involved in Urban Planning?

MUF 2019
05 July
The building is always designed in a certain context, and yet the world is full of similar, faceless objects - the same skyscrapers and business districts, "identical" landmarks, identical squares. The partner of the office we're talking to has an artistic approach. The Bird's Nest, Tate Modern, are buildings that define the landscape of Beijing and London, and how to design the main national stadium and a modern museum space with respect for tradition and culture. An institute in Russia did not yet look like the Skoltech building, and the residential area on the site of the factory in Moscow can only take off in a Herzog & De Meuron project. At the same time, when arranging the images of the office's projects into a series, we can highlight only one common feature - their non-repeatability in different cities.

  • How is urban planning currently progressing, why are there no universal recipes?
  • When should an architect be involved in a project and why?
  • How can we achieve the uniqueness of objects in our own practice?


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