Blue Ocean City. How Cities Can Find New Competitive Niches

#Brainstorm #Transformation of Urban Economy and Business
MUF 2021
02 July
The Blue Ocean Strategy challenges companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors by seeking new advantages and creating new niches for potential growth. The strategy has proven effective for business – can it be so for cities? Megacities compete for human capital, new technologies, a comfortable urban environment, and modern infrastructure. Choosing unique niches allows cities to attract more attention and stand out. Chinese cities are famous for their cutting-edge technologies and industries. The hallmark of Singapore is ecological construction. Berlin attracts with its nightlife culture, etc. Each superstar city strives to occupy its own niches and make these the key to successful development, thereby improving its positions in various international rankings.
  • How effective can the Blue Ocean Strategy be for urban development?
  • What tools do cities have to create for specific market niches?
  • What are the benefits of competition between superstar cities, and how is this reflected in international rankings?
  • What are the niches that Moscow already possesses and what are the niches it can develop to compete with other superstar cities?