Edward Mazria - Count Down to COP26. A Zero Emissions Built Environment

#Star speaker keynote #Special Events
MUF 2021
02 July
We are at the crossroads of the most serious crisis and one of the greatest opportunities of our time. Cities worldwide are responsible for the planning, design, construction, development, and redevelopment of their urban environments. The evolution of cities may determine the future direction of our planet; whether it be towards prosperity or into climatic chaos.
This instructive presentation will give participants a profound understanding of the challenges we face, the historic transformation that is currently taking place in the built-up urban environment, the scope of the opportunities, and the important actions that lie ahead, there are a number of measures that we can take to meet the requirements of the Paris Agreement to keep the global average temperature increase at 1.5 ºC. This event will inspire you to act and encourage others to do the same.

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