Superstar Cities. Formula for Success

#Opening plenary session #Sessions of the Plenary Hall
MUF 2021
01 July
Our world is the world of cities. Cities shape the future; they concentrate the achievements of human civilization and culture, and they are inhabited by the most active and educated people. Today, there are 4,500 cities with a population of more than 150,000. Cities are home to 60% of the world's population and account for two thirds of the global GDP. It is evident that among the thousands of cities on Earth, there have always been leaders, or superstars: the biggest cities, or the most innovative ones, or the prettiest and the most appealing. These cities set the bar for the whole world.
The success of cities, regions, countries, and all of humanity directly depend on the success of the city’s intricate supporting mechanisms. Those that support its economy and culture, sustain quality standards, and safeguard the rights of its local community. In an era of rapid change and globalization, the list of superstar cities is also changing.
  • What determines a superstar city today?
  • What is a viable modern city? What are the components of a successful city?
  • How do new leading cities achieve their status? How do they manage to implement large-scale transformation programs in very short times?