Healthy Lifestyle En Vogue. Keeping Cities Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

#Panel discussion #Urban Health
MUF 2021
01 July
Millennials and Gen Z have revived the healthy lifestyle trend. They participate in city marathons, choose gluten-free products and alternative milk instead of junk food, and stay updated on all the latest health trends. At the same time, according to the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, millennial and Gen Z mental health is deteriorating 40% faster than their parents. During the pandemic, healthcare became a priority for all citizens of megacities. In cities where parks and fitness centers were closed during the lockdown, the demand for sports equipment almost doubled. The creation of healthy urban environments and lifestyle strategies is a direct investment to improve the quality of life for urban citizens. In Singapore, workout programs are held in shopping malls in addition to the National Steps Challenge, a day-to-day step counting competition. Australian cities provide grants to neighborhood sports centers and fitness enthusiasts through the ‘Move It’ campaign, and New York has a long-standing Green Carts initiative that makes fresh fruits and vegetables available to all citizens. Nevertheless, many cities have yet to develop strategies aimed at creating healthy lifestyle habits among the population.
  • What programs for maintaining a healthy lifestyle have been launched in Moscow and other megacities?
  • How are urban initiatives responding to global health challenges?
  • What ways can development of the wellness industry become a priority for megacities?

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