Re: City. How Megacities Can Get Rid of Industrial Belts

#Showcase #Transformation of Urban Economy and Business
MUF 2021
01 July
Over the past decade, projects for the revitalization of industrial zones, which form the gray belt of cities, have been actively developed. Residential, commercial infrastructure, innovative and creative clusters are being created in the areas. Despite the fact that it is a complex and expensive process, which is sometimes one and a half times more expensive than greenfield projects, redevelopment has shown its effectiveness and is becoming a completely new scale. Only in Moscow in the projects of regeneration of industrial areas it is planned to invest 7 trillion rubles. The experience shows a wide range of functional diversity, architectural solutions and approaches to working with the environment. Territories are built into the existing urban fabric, making up for the lack of infrastructure while emphasizing the history and identity of spaces. In this session, speakers will talk about what mistakes and lessons need to be taken into account in the regeneration projects of former industrial zones.
  • What challenges may be encountered in the redevelopment of industrial areas? How can investors and the city respond to these challenges?
  • How can the existing buildings be used effectively? What functions can be given to former industrial areas?
  • What architectural and environmental solutions have proven effective in projects to regenerate former industrial areas?

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