Trade in the City. Prioritizing Food Security

#Foresight session #Transformation of Urban Economy and Business
MUF 2021
02 July
The global food crisis is one of the most important and acute challenges of our time. Product manufacturers and large retail chains are constantly facing global changes in demand, loss in purchasing power, and new service requirements from customers. Lifestyle transformations now determine new formats and interaction models between customers and retailers/brands.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the globalized retail structure was put at risk, and the question of food security became more vital than ever. Last year's primary trend was retail's global transition online. Online shopping and delivery services have always been an important part of life in a big city and today, home delivery of food, clothing, and other non-essential items has become a new norm. There is an abundance of product delivery apps. The concept of ‘shopping center’ is changing as well. They are supplemented with new and exciting functionalities. Large retail chains bank on unique features while small companies and local markets drive the development of urban identity.
  • How do popular services help the city operate? Will the e-commerce market remain at current levels or will volumes continue to fall?
  • What is the future of shopping centers? How will the functionality of retail spaces change in megacities?
  • How have retail chains transformed due to global challenges?

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