Digital Tools for the Building Industry. Cutting-Edge Technologies in Construction

#Round table #Transformation of Urban Technologies and Science
MUF 2021
02 July
Rome wasn't built in a day. Neither, as the famous song goes, was Moscow. But could cities of the future be? Cutting-edge digital tech can speed up construction processes and flow. Keeping up with global trends, Russia is making extensive use of innovative solutions, and by 2022, the nation's entire construction industry is set to switch to Building Information Modeling (BIM). Further, smart technology – along with the prudent use of big data – can help resolve funding issues more efficiently and usher in a wider range of options for customers on the real estate market, including flexible mortgage plans. What are some of the benefits new tech offers and what are the ways it can be beneficial to both creators and users of new buildings?
  • What kind of construction technology does a smart city need to maintain its global leadership?
  • What are the future jobs required of the construction market and how can this talent be trained right now?
  • How can one assure the quality of data suited for digital tech in construction, develop common planning standards and integrate construction-related innovations into the other aspects of urban life?