Housing for Billions. Growing Megacities and Mass Housing Projects

#Panel discussion #Transformation of Urban Environment and Housing
MUF 2021
02 July
Providing the ever-increasing urban population with affordable and comfortable housing is one of the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the UN. In a bid to fulfill this objective, cities are facing global challenges. Including, pushes to renovate current housing options, plan new modern, environmentally sound neighborhoods, create local jobs, and preserve the authenticity of existing areas while providing residents with an environment that goes beyond a mere place. At the same time, with the rapid densification of cities, residents are rightfully concerned. This social concern should also be considered when it comes to planning new neighborhoods and interacting with local communities. What are the ways to accommodate millions of people so that every one of them feels safe and at ease in their homes and neighborhoods?
  • What types of housing (and how much housing) will countries and cities need in the near future? What does the geography of this new housing look like?
  • How do countries, regions, and cities around the globe address the issues that arise with large-scale construction and the commissioning of new housing? Which technological and environmental solutions should be used?
  • What sociocultural, economic and environmental metrics should be factored in when creating the neighborhood of the future?

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