Grand Paris - Big Moscow. The Outcomes of the Urban Development Megaprojects

18 July

Monocentricity and over population within the exiting boundaries are the key problems of modern megalopolises. Megaprojects are aimed at providing a solution to these problems, stimulate economic development, give impetus to urban redesign and refine the structure of the city. These projects constitute invaluable experience in urban design that needs to be carefully examined. A dialogue between «Grand Paris» and «Big Moscow» is especially critical. Despite differences in management structure, territorial organisation and pace of development, these projects attempt to solve similar problems, as they plan to increase the amount of habitable spaces, expand transport networks and improve the city’s environment.

  • What are the outcomes of the Grand Paris and the Big Moscow projects?
  • How can Grand Paris and Big Moscow be used to exchange experience?
  • What is the role of private business in the development of the new territories?