Global projects of renovations as engines of metropolitan development

06 july
Renovating obsolete housing and creating new quality and affordable supply is one of the key tasks facing modern megacities. Moscow’s obsolete housing stock is mostly made up of Khrushchev-era houses put up 50-60 years ago – 5-storey buildings with micro-apartments. The Moscow renovation program envisages dismantling obsolete 5-storey houses and building modern residential quarters to provide approximately 1,5 million people with new apartments meeting the quality and design standards in place. At the same time, the metropolitan authorities face a wide range of challenges that are likely to arise when the new housing program is implemented. ? What sustainable development principles should underpin the approach to design in new urban districts? ? Will the urban infrastructure manage an increasing number of resident and how will it adapt? ? How to respect the interest of citizen and businesses? ? How will the housing market react to the renovation program? ? How have the global cities addressed the affordable housing challenge?