Streets Over Gadgets. How to Make Cities Exciting for Kids?

17 July

Just a couple of decades ago, the design concept for community and public spaces was based on a long-standing formula: "a bench for the elderly, a swing for the kids". However, in an age where most children prefer online shooting games and social media to playground hopscotch, mere swings and sandboxes can no longer compete for their attention. More than just a space for them to play in, the modern playground must give children the opportunity to learn about the world around them; a place where they can jump on a carousel to experience centrifugal force or play around with musical instruments and mirrors to discover the properties of light and sound.

  • What can an urban environment and urban business offer to children?
  • What should a modern playground look like?
  • How can a playground be exciting not only to children but also to parents?
  • What are some of the emerging new formats for family leisure time?