Full Security vs Total Control. Ethical Issues of Tech City

18 July
Millions of CCTVs and wireless sensors are collecting real time data on noise levels and air quality, monitoring public spaces, citizen commutes and behaviour. By collecting and analysing these data, city administrations are able to avoid emergencies and implement measures to prevent crime and even avert epidemics. However, the ubiquity of monitoring systems raises concerns about data confidentiality. Many citizens voice their concern about the government using their personal data against their interests.

  • How can the city avert threats and protect data confidentiality in the digital age?
  • Should city authorities be obliged to ask for consent to collect data?
  • For how long should city authorities store data collected from CCTVs and sensors?
  • Is it permissible to use CCTVs that can recognise sex, age or even the face of a person?