First Among Equals. Creative Industries as the Basis of the the Future Economy

18 July

Experts estimate that creative industries in London, New York, Berlin and Moscow account for 6 to 12 percent of the city’s economy. However, the economic benefits of the creative businesses are not confined to these numbers. Thoughtfully designed public spaces, independent music scene and lively culture is an integral part of a popular concept of «work-life balance». Vital creative industries appeal to tourists as well as to well-educated professionals and startups who are the main contributors to the post-industrial economy. The dynamic growth of the creative economy attracts entrepreneurs and developers, who are starting to invest systematically in spaces for creative businesses in Russia and around the world.

  • What drives city administrations and private businesses invest in creative industries and create favourable environment for its growth?
  • How can the state and business cooperate efficiently on strategic projects in this field?
  • What are examples of such cooperations both in Russia and other countries?