Redevelopment of Industrial Zones. The Needs of the City and the Wants of the Developer

17 July

In the last fifteen years, the development of the post-industrial economy has freed up large areas of the city occupied by former industrial factories. The first example of redevelopment of this space was Frank Gehry’s redesign of an old factory in Bilbao, which turned the relatively unknown city into a cultural beacon for architects and tourists overnight. Other similar successful projects include the Docklands in London, the reconstruction of the Amsterdam port, and the creation of the Forum Les Halles in the old central food market in Paris. With a vast industrial belt lying in the heart of the city, Moscow has already begun to implement several large redevelopment projects, with several more to be launched in the near future

  • What factors are important to consider when redeveloping industrial zones? 
  • How can they be integrated into the urban fabric? 
  • How can the heritage of the industrial architectural be incorporated? 
  • What role do the city and the developers play in such projects and how can they work together? 
  • How can industrial zones become a source of growth for the urban economy?