The Sum of Innovation. Synthesizing Experience and Solutions for Smart Transformation

#Foresight session #Sessions of the Plenary Hall
02 July
Moscow Hall
The development of digital technologies is both encouraging and worrying. Unmanned cars, drones, robotics, virtual and augmented reality – innovations previously referred to as the urban trends of the future - are now much closer. But are cities and their citizens ready for radical change? It is necessary to initiate a global discussion among all the actors in the urban environment. A conscious, interdisciplinary approach to the identification of future problems makes it possible to develop far-reaching solutions that will affect the lives of millions. In smart cities of the future, the state, citizens, and businesses will become part of a single ecosystem – a platform that will link participants and technologies to bring the quality of life to the highest level. What transformations of normal urban processes await us in the near future and how can we make them manageable and predictable?
  • The synergy of which technological areas will allow for the best results in the formation of human-centered smart cities?
  • Which innovations first introduced during the pandemic will become a part of our lives forever?
  • What regulatory frameworks can facilitate solutions and experiences for the smart transformation of megacities? How can we avoid social inequality in the context of technology accessibility?

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