Digit as a New Norm. Moscow Smart City Strategy

17 July

Moscow has joined the global race of "smart" cities, and its efforts are internationally recognised; according to PWC, Moscow ranks among the top cities (on par with New York) in terms of being prepared to integrate smart city technology. Last spring, the Mayor of Moscow signed off on the development of Moscow’s smart city 8. The foundational parameters of the programme outlined a list of basic technologies, such as artificial intelligence for data-driven decision making, IoT as an infrastructure for sensors to monitor the city, VR and AR for the development of tourism and education. On the Moscow Urban Forum, the Department of Information Technology will present the first draft of the smart city 8 for discussion with Russian and international experts.

  • What are the key objectives of Moscow’s smart city 8?
  • How will it change the livetyles of citizens, city management and the decision-making process?
  • Which sectors will be impacted the most?
  • How does this programme compare with those of other cities?