Augmented City. Megacity in the Age of Augmented Reality

18 July

Augmented and virtual reality technology is far from perfect, but it is booming in the modern world. If the entertainment industry was the only practical application of emerging VR technology before, now virtual reality is transcending new and unexpected industries. Among the most promising fields for the nascent AR and VR expansion are sales, transportation and navigation systems, education, and healthcare. Based on the latest advances of face, voice and other recognition technologies, it is reasonable to predict the emergence of an augmented reality device that will project information in the person’s view and thus change the nature of social interaction forever. The citizens of megacities will be the first ones to experience the impact of this change, which will make the issues of information ethics and privacy all the more urgent.

  • Which spheres of life will be affected most by VR technology?
  • What are the risks and the benefits of VR for the citizens?
  • What measures should cities take today to regulate advanced technologies and ensure safety for its citizens?