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The Polytechnic Museum at VDNH (Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy)
Prize nomination 2017
Entertainment & Leisure
The Polytechnic Museum at VDNH (Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy)
What is it?

The Polytechnic Museum is one of the largest scientific and technical museums in the world. It is famous as a major communicator of ideas and solutions which paved the way to scientific and technical progress. In 2013, the building at the Novaya Square was closed for renovation till 2018. During this period the oldest pavilion No. 26 of the All-Russian Exhibition Centre, which was renovated specially for this purpose became the main part of the Museum and its main site

What have they accomplished?

Apart from the largest scientific exhibitions which can be seen on the site, the Polytechnic Museum houses the Children's University, children's science labs, lecture-hall and the SKVT educational programme for senior students. The Polytech organizes a summer camp for teenagers.

The recent Polytechnic Museum's exhibition at VDNH, "Russia Does It by Itself", is devoted to the legendary Russian scientists of the past and the present, famous and little-known research and developments of different years. The exhibition presents seven areas which are vitally important for modern science: "Outside Earth", "The New Anthropogenesis", "Nature's Analogues", "Illusions", "Radio+", "Nucleus Energy" and "Plasma Energy".

Who came up with this idea?

The Polytechnic Museum team and the fine art expert Irina Aktuganova