Urban Design
Intensiv XX: The Tretyakov Gallery in the metro
Prize nomination 2017
Urban Design
Intensiv XX: The Tretyakov Gallery in the metro
What is it?

A large-scale educational project of the State Tretyakov Gallery on the Krymsky Val and the Moscow Metro, dedicated to Russian painting of the twentieth century. Within the framework of the project, a thematic train was launched along the metro circle line, each carriage of which was decorated with fragments of works from the collection of the Tretyakov Gallery on the Krymsky Val It told the story of how art developed in the country over the last hundred years. The project consisted of three parts, each of which was devoted to a certain period in the history of Russian art: avant-garde, socialist realism and art of the 1960s to 1980s.

They also launched an Internet portal INTENSIV20.RU where you can read and listen to podcasts and short lectures on the gallery's collection.

The third element of running the Intensiv XX project was a special presentation of the Park Kultury metro station.

What have they accomplished?

Throughout the project, 15 million Muscovites and guests of the capital took part. A celebratory travel ticket, specially issued on the opening of the project, offered a 50 % discount for visiting the Gallery. In addition, in the metro kiosks it was possible to get free of charge a booklet which described the main periods of Russian fine art of the twentieth century. The booklet was a win-win quest. Having collected three tickets with different designs and stuck them into the booklet, you could get an individual excursion through the halls of the Gallery on Krymsky Val free of charge.

Who came up with this idea?

The Tretyakov Gallery team