Together against COVID-19
Prize nomination 2020
Together against COVID-19
What is it?
"A community of people with limited mobility and unlimited imagination." At a time when the whole world was on self-isolation and everyone was sitting at home, the “Isolation” group appeared in the Russian segment of Facebook, the participants of which made their versions of famous paintings. The group quickly became very popular - it gained more than half a million members in less than a month. People were sending their works non-stop: bright, witty sometimes spiced up with self-irony. Entire families took part in the creation of the photo. There are families in which there are six children, and they all become the heroes of the "canvases". Flashmob turned out to be out of any limitations. For example, the participant Galina Bleikh takes photos with her 90-year-old mother as a model. Popular works usually gain over 20, 40 and even 90 thousand likes. From the very beginning, not only Russians participated in it, but also Russian-speaking residents of Germany, Israel, Latvia and other countries. Later, English-speaking and Hispanic people pulled themselves together. The language of art is universal and easily united everyone.
What have they accomplished?
The group brought together almost 600 thousand people from all around the world, more than 45 thousand works were published. Media from various countries (The New York Times and Le Figaro included) wrote about Izoisolation group and published some of works.

We conducted a joint campaign with the Konstantin Khabensky Foundation, as a result of which the partner bank transferred 1 million rubles to the fund for the treatment of children with brain tumors.

We conducted a joint action "Alone with Pushkinsky" with the Pushkin Museum, the result of which was a banner on the facade of the museum with a "copy" of David made by member of the group Andrei Bratov.

The main achievement of “Isolation” is that it has improved the psychological state of hundreds of people who are tired of coronavirus anxiety. Feedback and gratitude with the words that the group is “treating” with its positive attitude came from different countries.
Who came up with this idea?
It all started as a friendly flashmob when Yekaterina Brudnaya-Chelyadinova made a photocopy of Van Gogh's painting “Self-Portrait in a Straw Hat” with her husband as a model. Catherine urged friends to join in and to make copies of paintings from improvised means and without any photoshop. At the origins the group were 5 people: Natalia Sokolova, Maria Kigel, Anna Zaitseva, Evgeny Gurevich and Ekaterina Brudnaya-Chelyadinova. Later on 9 moderators (including colleagues from South Africa, New Zealand and the USA) joined the team, working on the group 24/7.