6 June 2017
REGIONS Group to present world's largest amusement park project, Island of Dreams, at MUF 2017
REGIONS Group to present world's largest amusement park project, Island of Dreams, at MUF 2017

As part of the Moscow Urban Forum 2017 international congress, REGIONS Group will present a unique megaproject for the capital: the largest indoor amusement park in the world and the first-ever urban resort in Russia, Island of Dreams, which will open in 2018. REGIONS Group's stand presentation will feature both its C-suite and officials from the Government of Moscow.

The Island of Dreams amusement park presentation is scheduled for stand No. 8, where visitors will have the opportunity to check out the style of the project, see a model of its general layout, watch a video presentation, and also take home branded souvenirs.

The presentation will cover the following topics: the strategic value of megaprojects for the development of agglomerations and the entertainment industry as a powerful new driver of economic growth, as well as the social significance of megaprojects for Moscow in the context of new urban revitalization and redevelopment trends. Island of Dreams is one of the city's largest socially significant projects and a potent new driver for urban development, improving the quality of the urban environment, tourism potential, investment appeal and overall competitiveness of the city in the context of other megacities abroad.

The park will be constructed in the picturesque Nagatino Valley on a 100 ha site. The project includes a theme park with 27 unique attractions, a 32 ha landscaped park, indoor malls, a concert hall with 3,800 seats, a cinema with 14 theatres, a landscaped embankment with a children's yacht school, a 410-room hotel and a concert hall. In addition to its large investments in urban infrastructure and the development of Moscow's tourism brand, Island of Dreams will create more than 7,500 new jobs, reconstruct the neglected 60-Letiya Oktyabrya Park, and use the most advanced technologies for construction, energy conservation and safety. Island of Dreams is set to open a new page in the development of the entertainment industry, which has been one of the most crucial factors in the agglomerative growth of foreign megacities for many years.

The issue of agglomeration for Moscow Urban Forum this year was not chosen at random: the markets have transformed as a result of the development of this global trend, and cities have started looking for new points of growth. The entertainment industry is currently one of the most potent drivers of agglomerative development. Island of Dreams will serve as a point of growth for the capital, positively impact the development of tourism to a high degree, significantly improve the investment appeal of the region, create a promising new market for a highly-qualified workforce, and sow the seeds for the development of creative businesses, noted Amiran Mutsoyev a member of Regions Group's board of directors. According to international consulting agencies, the global theme park market in 2017 will grow to 31 billion dollars, and reach 44.3 billion dollars by 2020. The main trend in this promising branch is the transformation of amusement parks into integrated city resorts, creating integral new city spaces. Island of Dreams is being developed in this new city resort format to boost the Russian entertainment industry, with an expansive range of leisure, educational and athletic opportunities all gathered together in one place. The idea of the project if to create an urban area where every member of the family of any age can find something that matches their interests, and so visitors of the capital will have somewhere to stay for a couple of days to immerse themselves in a miniature of Moscow's urban life.