6 June 2017
Sergey Lyovkin: Experimental Laboratories will be arranged during the MUF 

Sergey Lyovkin: Experimental Laboratories will be arranged during the MUF 

Results of the work of the Experimental Laboratories, created for the development of technological solutions for the city of Moscow, will be presented at the Moscow Urban Forum on July 7th, and the best participants will be invited to work with the municipal government, announced last Tuesday Sergey Lyovkin, Head of Urban Planning Policy Department of Moscow.

On June 6–7, 2017, the Startup Village International Conference will be held at Skolkovo, within the framework of which, the MUF is acting as a co-organizer of an additional program called Innovations in Construction. Sergey Lyovkin took part in the opening discussion entitled Technological Map of a Megalopolis. What are the innovations that Moscow is looking for?

A unique platform, called Experimental Laboratories, was created within the framework of Moscow Urban Forum 2017. This is a special hands-on workshop, that unites the Government of Moscow, international experts, and more than 150 entrepreneurs to work on the joint-elaboration of technological solutions for development of the city of Moscow. The laboratories will work before the forum from July 3rd to July 6th, and the results will be presented on July 7th. The best teams will be invited to work jointly with the city departments, said Mr. Lyovkin.

He noted that preparation and development of this project, as such, is an important major experiment for the government of Moscow. To prepare the assignment, and to analyze what really are the pressing technological solutions that the city needs, special working groups were established, composed of representatives of various departments of Moscow. Subsequently, representatives of the government of Moscow will act as curators in certain areas, and directly participate in the laboratories.

This is the first time the format of our work is so open, and within the framework of this process, approaches and principles are being formed, which will enable the city to become more understandable customer, making our information fully open to start-up companies that are ready to engage in cooperation. Besides this, foreign experts will be integrated into the work of the Laboratories, in order to enable the participants to immediately obtain feedback on their proposals, based on the point of view of international experience, added Mr. Lyovkin.

Deadline for the submission of the applications to participate in the project is June 20th. Companies developing technological solutions, experts in urban development, as well as investors, developers, designers, and companies with own solutions for data analysis and visualization are invited to participate.

Participants will be divided into groups in 4 areas: Future Mobility, Comfortable Future Housing, Urban Environment Quality, Data Analysis and Visualization.