7 June 2017
Moscow to get a Multipurpose Workout Area
Moscow to get a Multipurpose Workout Area

The Russian Punto Design bureau and manufacturer of modern urban furniture will be both a partner and participant of the large0scale MUF EXPO exhibition, which is set to take place on 15,000 sq. m at Pavilion No. 75 at VDNH. Since 2012, the company has specialised in the development and manufacturing of hardscaping, including benches garbage cans, vases, bicycle parking, facade systems, fences and sculptures. Punto Design experts have contributed to the renovation of Gorky Park, VDNH and Sadovniki Park, the My Street program of the Government of Moscow, and many other state and commercial projects. At MUF EXPO, the design bureau will present a new collection of street furniture, and its signature Punto Fit sports program. This is the first-ever development of professional equipment for mass sports activities in Russia.

Sports is one of the most important street activities. In Europe, the healthy lifestyle trend has been developing for many years, along with the culture of street athletic training. The convenient urban environment is meant to provide athletes with the opportunity to train outside. Thus, recently, special attention has been paid to the establishment of sports sites, where in each renovated park, garden and yard chin-up and parallel bars are installed. However, the project also encounters certain difficulties. Due to their limited functionality, most of the sites are unable to fulfill the needs of the greater public. Under such conditions, the task remains to develop a compact, multipurpose sports site for all kind of sports, and people of any age and training level.

This objective was brilliantly met by the Punto Design experts in their Punto Fit training system. The purpose of the new framework is clear and relevant: to open up the world of affordable sports for Moscow residents. Fifteen stations for workouts, yoga, crossfit, weight lifting and boxing are to be made available for anyone interested in staying fit. In addition, the Punto fit frame can be installed not only outdoors, but also in urban fitness clubs, as it is only 10x10 m. That means approximately 30 health lovers all training at once. The complex is built of galvanized steel with a subsequent powder coating, which makes it suitable for parks, residential house yards and roofs.

This summer, MUF EXPO visitors will get the opportunity to test the site from July 6 -12 at VDNH, and later an original Punto Fit frame will be installed at one special Moscow park.