14 June 2017
Orchids from the Moscow Urban Forum going to Botanical Gardens
Orchids from the Moscow Urban Forum going to Botanical Gardens

In June 2017, the Moscow Urban Forum presented the Botanical Gardens of Moscow State University with over 30 rare tropical orchids, among them the famous Vanilla imperialis, one of the smallest orchids in the world — Schoenorchis scolopendria, one of the oldest cultivated orchids — the miniature Neofinetia falcata, Angraecum erectum, Rodriguezia leeana, and others.

Director of Marketing and Partner Relations of the Moscow Urban Forum Arina Drobina:

The reason for such a generous gift is an ardent desire to donate to the oldest botanical gardens of Russia in the Year of Ecology. Thus, we have finally joined the team of happy benefactors of the Botanical Gardens, which is a blossoming oasis in the midst of a noisy megacity. A place where your body and soul can rest!

Director of Botanical Gardens Alexey Reteyum:

The Botanical Gardens of Moscow State University have one of the largest collections of orchids in Russia — over 1,000 species, kinds and varieties from tropical and subtropical regions of the Earth, as well as over 30 species and varieties of orchids from moderate and cold climates. Moreover, we regularly replenish our collection with rare species. The most important value of this collection lies in the fact that it is actively used for scientific and educational purposes.

For example, Singapore is considering the possibility of donating to the Botanical Gardens some rare species of orchids, which will be presented officially during an exhibition devoted to the 50th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations with Russia.


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