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For the first time ever, an Urban Communities Festival will be held in Moscow
For the first time ever, an Urban Communities Festival will be held in Moscow

From 6 to 9 July, a large-scale festival of urban communities, the MUF Fest, will be held within the framework of the Moscow Urban Forum, open to everyone. In the format of lectures, master-classes and open interviews, forum experts — famous architects, urbanists, business representatives — will discuss the most effective ways for urban communities to participate in the life of their city. The program of the festival includes: lectures, workshops from the best urban projects and initiatives in the following areas: art and design, sports, architecture and urban planning, urban and social entrepreneurship, as well as a series of running tours, a concert of independent music and an exhibition of urban art. The festival program will bring together more than 10 cultural sites in Moscow — the Moscow Museum, MMOMA, Strelka Institute, VDNH, Digital October Center, MARSH, and others.

VDNH: URBAN FIELDS Concert and CITY LAND exhibition of street art

The central platform of the Festival will be VDNH park, which will host an exhibition of street art and a concert of independent music. Thus, the exhibition of street art CITY LAND — a joint project of curator19.90 and the Moscow Urban Forum — will be a reflection of the diversity of urban communities, concentrated in the complex space of the modern city. 7 street art artists will participate in the exhibition: Nootk, Vasya Grino, Danno, Andrey Semkin, Mednoy, Repas and Zmogk. Each of them will choose a geometric figure, which in 6 hours they will transform into an illustration representing a particular subculture or urban community. Independent curator from New York Melissa McCaig-Wells will hold a workshop called "Outside Borders: the origin of street art around the world". Melissa will talk about the characteristics of the communities that are formed in New York, and how they affect urban culture.

On July 8, a concert of independent music, the Urban Fields, will take place on the territory of the City Farm, located in a picturesque corner of VDNH Park. This concert is a joint project of the creators of the Fields Festival and the Moscow Urban Forum. During the past three years, the Fields Festival has interpreted the "avant-garde" in its own way, combining in this term a wide range of musical phenomena — from folk to free jazz, from modern academic music to experimental electronics, thus erasing the boundaries between genres. Urban Fields is a special chamber event of the festival.

Special program Community Stage. 75th pavilion of VDNH (registration required)

On the territory of VDNH in Pavilion No. 75, it will be possible to attend a special program of the Moscow Urban Forum 2017 on urban communities, private initiatives and projects that are changing the life of the city. For the first time ever, the Festival is hosting a business program this year. It will be held on July 6-7 in the Community Stage hall, where presentations and discussions will be held on megacity community development.

Among the foreign experts, who will be giving lectures at the Community Stage, is director for regional development of the Burning Man Festival Steven Rasp. In the 30 years of its existence, the Burning Man has turned from small community festival, into a huge cultural phenomenon. In addition, within the framework of the business program, more than 10 events will be held with the participation of experts and representatives of urban communities. Among the partners of the program are RVC and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

After the business program of the Forum ends, it will be possible to attend film screenings, workshops and lectures in Pavilion No. 75 of VDNH. For example, ShukhovLab will hold a workshop called "City and Technologies", and FashionFactory a lecture on "Interaction of Urbanistics and Fashion: what inspires the designer and how to survive in the urban environment", will teach the basics of crowdfunding, the British Higher School of Design will present a lecture and workshop by Gabriela Boyangiu on "Art as a catalyst for creative thinking in all spheres of life", as well as a workshop for teenagers by Dan Smith called "Another View". FASC (Festival of Actual Science Cinema) will show "The Happy Film" (USA, Australia, France 2016), directed by Hidman Curtis and "Planetery", directed by Guy Reed (USA, 2015).

Public lectures and educational projects

Within the framework of the festival, more than 40 lectures will be delivered at key Moscow venues, both by foreign and Russian speakers. The famous Dutch architect Erik van Egeraat will talk about how to revitalize a city. Jeff Wilson, a professor of ecology at the University of Texas, will share the story of creating compact homes called Kasita. The design studios URBANSCREEN will present large-scale urban projections, conducted by Creative Director Thorsten Bauer. In addition, giving speeches will be Director of the "Cities" research direction of CIPEC (Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation) Gabriel Lanfranchi, book editor on design and pop culture of the world-renowned publishing house Taschen Yulius Videman, CEO of NESTA (non-profit organization to promote innovation in the UK and around the world) Jeff Mulgan. Manager of the Department of Science and Research of NYC Parks Kate Field will talk about how to turn a landfill into public space, by the example of the Frechill's Park in New York, which until the beginning of the 2000s housed the largest urban dump in the world.

In addition to lectures by the best speakers of the Moscow Urban Forum, a series of educational events will take place within the framework of the festival of city communities, and open days will be held in the offices of companies. On July 6, anyone can visit the architectural offices of Wowhaus, IND Architects, Severin project, T+T Architects and the Ostozhenka Bureau. On the 7th of July, the doors will be opened by the offices of the CCDA, the Wall Bureau and the MAD Architects Bureau. On July 8, business lectures will be given by the founder of the Qbik Company Mikhail Semenov on "How to create a Festival City" and by the founders of the Level One project — "How to create an educational project". On July 8, the Vector online school of urban entrepreneurs will present a lecture and a game called "How to launch your project and make the city more comfortable". Rybakov Fund will tell how to improve the life of the city with the help of community forces in business, social and educational projects, and the project on career guidance "Image of Life" will hold a discussion about the professions that shape the image and life of a city. Together with the "Degrees of Discoveries", you can learn how to create and develop communities around travel projects. The founders of ExploRussia will hold a discussion entitled "Moscow through the eyes of a foreigner — projects that change stereotypes about the city". For children and parents, a special family workshop will be held in InnoPark, where you can learn how to get a child really interested in science and technology.


Within the framework of the festival of city communities, a series of running tours will be organized by the partners of the festival — the "Sports History" project. The format of the running tours reflects the concept of "conscious running", which is gaining popularity in many countries of the world, among active residents who are interested in the history of their city and leading a sportive lifestyle. A running tour around Moscow is an opportunity to conduct cardiovascular exercises in the open air, in pleasant company with a professional guide, and simultaneously learn many interesting facts about the history, architecture and modern life of the districts of the Russian capital. Running tours will be held in the Shabolovka District (distance - 5 km), Usachevka (distance - 3 km) and Sokolniki (distance - 5 km).

A series of walking tours from the Archilanche project includes the route "How to turn factories into creatives" (gathering place: exit from the Chkalovskaya Subway Station) and will pass through the former industrial areas behind the Kursk Railway Station. Route "How to build a skyscraper" (gathering place: In the lobby of the Bagration Bridge) will tell about the peculiarities of building skyscrapers, the prerequisites for the appearance of a business center in Moscow, and will teach you to understand this "Glass Forest". Within the framework of the tour "An island that does not exist — Krasny Octyabr" you can find out how an island appeared in the middle of Moscow, why it still has no official name, who discovered it, and who its inhabitants are today.

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