18 May 2017
City of Future
City of Future

Evgeny Kuznetsov, CEO of Subsidiary Funds of the Russian Venture Company (RVC), will act as program curator for the entire technological agenda of the Moscow Urban Forum 2017. The city of the future — what will a megacity look like when influenced by the technological revolution?

Evgeny Kuznetsov: "Cities are the largest consumers not only of products and services but also of technologies and modern solutions. For example, there would have been no Edison or electricity revolution without the demand to illuminate New York. A whole range of modern technologies — transport automation, smart homes, convenient user services and delivery are impossible without a structured demand from cities for integrated solutions based on modern technologies. Russia and the rest of the world are gathering a vast range of technological ideas that can significantly improve the life of Moscow’s citizens and make the city more comfortable and well-designed, while also reducing costs. At our Labs, we will discuss projects regarding the city’s complex demands and the solutions that startups can offer. This will significantly reduce the distance between the developer and consumer and speed up the introduction of the most cutting-edge and advanced technologies in Russia’s capital".