19 May 2017
Grande Milano
Grande Milano

Moscow Urban Forum – a major international congress and exhibition platform – organizes a number of international trips to study the role of agglomerations in today's world. They initiate a dialogue on the development of global megacities, their impact on neighboring areas, and the paramount importance of agglomerative development as a key driver in the domestic and global economy. Moscow is conducting research on world agglomerations within the topic of Agglomerations. World > Russia > Moscow, endeavoring to study the best practices and the experience of modern megacities and to generate its own approaches to strategic planning and city management.

From May 11-12, 2017, Milan hosted a two-day dialogue between Milan and Moscow. The key topic was the comprehensive study of the ongoing transformation of Milan's management system. The meeting was addressed by three vice majors and several top managers from key infrastructural, developmental and organizational mega-projects that are involved in implementing the development master plan of Milan Metropolitan Area, also known as Grande Milano. When studying the experiences of global agglomerations, Milan's case is of great interest for those planning further development of the Moscow agglomeration, especially in terms of inter-municipality interaction, transport infrastructure and attracting investment.

Bulat Stolyarov, Managing Partner at Sputnik Management Company, said, Italy's experience in managing leading agglomerations is extremely relevant to Russia, as Milan and fourteen other major Italian agglomerations are currently restructuring their management systems in accordance with the Constitutional Reform of 2014. The reform has essentially granted these cities a quasi-regional political status: they are all part of a European pilot project on granting a special regional status to a network of cities. The MUF Program Directorate presented the results of the Agglomerations. World > Russia > Moscow research at the round table, in particular the section on the Milan agglomeration. The Milan delegation is going to actively participate in MUF-17 activities.


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