31 January 2018
Megacity of the Future. New Space for Living
Megacity of the Future. New Space for Living

From July 17 to 22, Russia's capital will host the MOSCOW URBAN FORUM 2018, the largest congress on urbanism in the world. It will take place at one of the city's newest landmarks — the Zaryadye landscape park, near the Kremlin. Over the course of a week experts from Russia and abroad, together with the mayors of some of the world's biggest cities, urban and social scientists, economists and public authorities, will discuss the best solutions for city development and the most efficient urban management models.

The focus of this year's forum, "Megacity of the Future. New Space For Living", will address such questions as: how do current megacities differ from the megacities of the future? What demands do cities face from society and business? Is it possible to analyse not just the technological, economic, sociocultural and demographic trends, but also to identify ways of responding to the challenges of ongoing transformation? How do you prevent your city from falling behind the global competition?

PwC, a frequent participant in large-scale events around the world, will be the Forum's Knowledge Partner.

Denis Boykov, General Director of MUF: "The job of the MOSCOW URBAN FORUM 2018 is to identify the most efficient means to help us design future megacities and ensure they can swiftly adapt to change. On the first day of the business programme we will talk about how cities react to emerging challenges, rapid changes in social and economic conditions and a new technological landscape. The second day will be dedicated to discussing strategic plans for the development of megacities over the next couple of decades. The debate will help determine the key elements that should be integrated into Moscow's own strategy. We will also be holding the traditional Festival alongside, which this year is aimed at uniting different generations of Moscow citizens."

In these seven years, the MOSCOW URBAN FORUM has become an international centre of urban studies and has grown far beyond the congress format. You can find video recordings of the key events from MUF'17 — public interviews, presentations, star speaker talks, expert debates — on our website.