7 March 2018
Moscow Urban Forum Presents MSU Botanical Garden with More Than 50 Miniature Peacock Orchids
Moscow Urban Forum Presents MSU Botanical Garden with More Than 50 Miniature Peacock Orchids

To celebrate 8 March, Moscow Urban Forum presented the MSU Botanical Garden with more than 50 miniature colourful Pleione orchids and several Calanthe orchids. Sergey Isaev, the garden's curator for tropical orchids, is planning to place the flowers in one of the collector's greenhouses: they will periodically be exhibited in the Palm Greenhouse of rare orchids open to all visitors.

The Pleione genus was named after the Oceanid nymph Pleione and includes about 20 types of orchids. They mostly grow in the Himalayas, mountains of India, Nepal, Tibet, Laos and China. These flowers survive well in cold and frost. They are sometimes called «peacock» orchids for their petals resembling the gorgeous tail of this bird and come in pink, purple, white and yellow colours.

Moscow Urban Forum already donated rare orchids to the Botanical Garden in June 2017.

The goal was to congratulate the oldest botanical garden of Russia on the occasion of 8 March, while giving something better than cut flowers, which would perish quickly.

«This kind of celebration with our partners has become a tradition of ours. We are happy to give everyone pleasure to see these rare flowers in the MSU Botanical Garden, » commented Arina Drobina, Marketing & Development Director of the Moscow Urban Forum.

MSU Botanical Garden urges people to stop buying cut flowers because of the damage to the environment. It is a known fact that the cultivation and transportation of cut flowers from other continents are extremely harmful for nature. As such, it is more environmentally responsible to purchase potted plants.

This way, potted plans to add to the collection of the MSU Botanical Garden are simply an ideal present. They keep our environment safe and will bring joy and aesthetic pleasure for many years to not just one person, but to all of the garden's guests.

The Moscow Urban Forum is the largest international congress dedicated to the challenges of development facing global megacities. This year it will take place in Zaryadye Park from 17—22 July.


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