5 June 2018
MUF to give Zaryadye Park Designer Manhole Covers for an Art Performance
MUF to give Zaryadye Park Designer Manhole Covers for an Art Performance

The Moscow Urban Forum open festival programme will include a performance by the Raubdruckerin street artists. The Raubdruckerin (which translates as "pirate printer") art group from Berlin makes T-shirts, sweatshirts and bags with unique prints. Manhole covers, ventilation holes and public drain gratings serve as print molds. They use these urban design elements to create a partisan prints with a utilitarian design. The creators of these experimental printed works consider them part of the signature style of certain cities. The art group focuses mainly on exploring city surfaces, searching for minor details found in real urban design pieces. The artists apply paint directy onto the streets to transfer the city's unique geometric patterns onto the clothes and bags of passers-by. Their prints became famous after they set up shops in Amsterdam, Lisbon, Paris and other European cities.

The German artist Emma-France Raff will present Reversed Street Art in Moscow, and will also give a lecture on the street art culture at the MUF FEST 2018 Festival. Guests of Zaryadye Park can get a bag with a print from the art group if they complete a secret task. The most active visitors of the Festival will have the chance to decorate their clothes or bag with a unique pattern.

The Moscow Urban Forum will give the Park two designer cast-iron manholes for the performance. They will be installed before the start of the forum in mid-July.

The MUF FEST 2018 festival in Zaryadye is open to everyone and will start on July 17 and run until July 22.

The group is currently on tour throughout Europe until early May. You can follow their work on Facebook and Instagram, and see more urban prints in their online store.