18 June 2018#Фестиваль
Symphony for City-Dwellers is to be Performed by the Art Group Playtronica on MUF 2018
Symphony for City-Dwellers is to be Performed by the Art Group Playtronica on MUF 2018

An interactive musical experiment is to be performed by the art group Playtronica as part of the Bringing Generations Together Festival, an open-end programme of the Moscow Urban Forum. The experiment will produce a symphony of urban sounds. According to the project's creators, musician Mitya Burtsev, and artist and Playtronica's founder Sasha Pas, the Symphony for City-Dwellers addresses the problem of tactility and interaction between citizens, helps them to overcome the barrier of touching people and incites them to be more caring towards one another.

"This project is about perception," said Mitya Burtsev. "The exploration of the everyday soundscape is closely related to that of the perceptions of sound processes by people living here. Everyday soundscapes shape our aural habits regardless of whether or not we react to them. We try to look at them from the outside and to identify the mechanics of our relationship with Moscow's acoustic environment. We work with our on-site recordings made in Moscow's different districts. Every district has a specific soundscape and we've adopted different recording methods to identify each of them, ranging from quickly relocating between local sound settings to statically fixing a panorama."

The collected material is arranged as an open music score for multi-level sound editing in real time. People, the local residents, are the playback instruments. Interaction with sounds occurs when two or more people, spectators and the performer, touch each other.

The show will take place on the stage of Zaryadye Park's Big Amphitheatre on 21 and 22 July.


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