28 June 2018
Registration for the Festival Program MUF 2018 Has Been Opened
Registration for the Festival Program MUF 2018 Has Been Opened

The Moscow Urban Forum Festival held in Zaryadye Park on 17-22 July is guided by the motto Connecting Generations. Some events of the Festival's educational programme require preliminary registration. Starting today, you can now register at

In addition to its business programme, the 7th Moscow Urban Forum has also prepared an extensive festival programme with free admission to more than 100 events. During the Festival, Zaryadye Park will offer movie screenings, performances, workshops for children, and discussions and lectures by global names in urbanistics. The MUF 2018 Festival includes a series of tours as part of the Moscow Through the Eyes of an Engineer educational project, yoga classes on the floating bridge with Olga Marquez, dancing lines, genotyping and a parade of professions.

As for lecturers, MUF is proud to present the outstanding Dutch architect and architectural theorist Rem Koolhaas, one of the world's leading urbanists, who will be sitting down for an open interview with journalist Vladimir Pozner. Other lecturers include entrepreneur and founder of the Creative Class group Richard Florida, former CEO of General Motors Bob Lutz, as well as Darrell West, Vice President of the Brookings Institution and author of a number of books on technology policy, artificial intelligence and the media. All the Festival's lectures and events are available only with prior registration.

William Powers (who moved from New York to a small log cabin in the woods as an experiment), the author of books about living a slow and simple life, will also present at the Festival, in addition to Cecily Corti, chairman of the VinziRast association, who specialises in the social adaptation of the homeless in Vienna, Jessica Wurwarg, Energy Manager of the New York City Department of Transportation, as well as Adriana Friedman, the founder of the Nepsid Centre for Research in Symbolism, Childhood and Development in Brazil.

"The festival is a welcome extension of the Moscow Urban Forum, Russia's main urban dialogue on an international scale," says Festival Director Arina Drobin. "Our aim was to attract people of all ages and social groups, so every visitor could find an activity to their liking, and most importantly become a participant in the dialogue about life in the city. The Festival programme features 3 parts. The educational portion combines more than 100 lectures, workshops and discussions about architecture, transport, economics, health, entertainment and much more. There will also be an extensive educational programme for our young guests with their parents. The second part of the Festival is dedicated to sports and health. There are all sorts of activities in this zone, FITMOST-organised zone. The entertainment portion is the responsibility of the Playtronica team, and in collaboration with composer Mitya Burtsev, guests will create a symphony of the sounds of the megalopolis while addressing the issue of tactility. Moreover, the Raubdruckerin art team from Berlin, which is famous throughout Europe for its production of eco-friendly prints, is also bringing their unique style to the event. The virtuosic Bosnian accordionist Mario Batkovic will be headlining the music programme, with the Moscow trio Fogh Depot showing another twist on chamber instrumental music. In addition, indie-pop singer Jekka and St. Petersburg beatmaker Long Arm will perform at the Festival. The performance by Italian project Clap! Clap! is bound to be the most energetic portion of the music programme."

On 21-22 July, MUF 2018 Festival visitors get the chance to take a unique genotyping test by Atlas to learn their predisposition to stress resistance.

The Koni Na Balkone architectural club will hold a two-day workshop entitled Child in the City on creating an interactive art object for children and adults: the Culture of Childhood. There will also be workshops for children, and the Mommy's Little Engineer: Building the Shukhov Tower and Public Talks with Viktoria Novikova about the tools for adapting children and parents to the city.

There is also a whole other series of workshops scheduled in the Festival's programme. For starters, the American artist and media analysis PhD BC "Heavy" Biermann will hold a workshop for artists, programmers and activists on how to charge up public spaces with the help of public art and augmented reality. The Vector online school will hold a workshop on community organising, and specialists from Habidatum will teach about the visualisation of spontaneous data we generate daily when posting on social media or checking-in on a jogging tracker application.

The Level One educational project will hold a series of lectures on architecture, mythology and the literary routes of Moscow. Discussion topics will also include the development of the cinema and fashion industry infrastructure in Moscow, street art, transport of the future, architecture and the visual code of the city, design thinking and the knowledge economy.

At the Festival, guests can also see how the German Raubdruckerin street artists create their amazing prints using paint and manholes. Visitors to the Festival are welcome to come decorate their clothes or bags with a printed pattern.

The MUF 2018 Festival programme includes premiere screenings of documentaries from the Beat Film Festival. The Experimental City (directed by Chad Friedrichs) is a chronicle of the clash between scientific progress and traditional ideas about the city and its functions. Brasilia: Life After Design (directed by Bart Simso) tells the story of an ambitious urban plan developed for the city of Brasilia.


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