29 June 2018
MUF Festival 2018 Prepares Its Programme for Children and Parents
MUF Festival 2018 Prepares Its Programme for Children and Parents

MUF 2018 Festival has prepared a large-scale programme for the whole family, complete with a family bakery, dancing line, yoga on the floating bridge and acting academy.

Russia's premier urban festival will take place at Zaryadye Park on 17-22 June. In addition to its business programme, the 7th Moscow Urban Forum has prepared an extensive festival programme with free admission to more than 100 events, some of which are specially designed for kids. The MUF 2018 Festival includes a series of tours, a dancing line, genotyping and a parade of professions.

The FITMOST fitness club is organising a training zone on 21-22 July, where attendees are invited to take part in yoga on the floating bridge with Olga Marquez and the Dyshi studio, dances to live music, martial arts and a hip-hop workshop. In addition, anyone interested will be able to participate in a large-scale dance flash mob and walk around the park getting their zumba on. The sports programme includes classes for children from 3 to 7 years old. Kids will get to dance and learn a few simple songs in English. All classes are conducted by professional trainers from the best fitness studios in Moscow, such as the #SEKTA perfect body school, Siberia fight club, 9 Halls, Most dance schools, and the ABC dance school for children. You can register for classes through the FITMOST platform starting 5 July.

Also on 21-22 July, parents at the MUF 2018 Festival can take a unique genotyping test from Atlas and learn their predisposition to stress resistance. The Koni Na Balkone architectural club will hold a two-day workshop for children and adults (Child in the City: the Culture of Childhood) where participants create an interactive art object in the form of a city the way children see it, with important, special and even secret places for their home districts. The large master plan of the city will acquire bright markers in zones specified by the children to mark their favourite, or dangerous, places. The workshop's attendees get to imagine what is missing in their neighbourhoods, or next to their homes, in order to make their lives more full of adventure. The Mommy's Little Engineer: Building the Shukhov Tower workshop and Public Talks with Viktoria Novikova on tools for helping children and parents adapt to the city, are also scheduled. LEGO® Educational Afterschool Programmes will hold workshops for children on 21-22 July.

Parents should also consider attending the Kid City lecture, where Experts in kids' space design will speak about an integrated approach to the city from a child's perspective, general principles and architectural practices, as well as points of interconnection between children, teenagers and adults in the city.

KIDZANIA also prepared a special programme, including a children's fashion show (children will take part in organising the show as models), an interactive performance where kids can rehearse a role and perform on a big stage in a real play with costumes. The Festival will also feature a children's acting academy, where kids can take a professional training course on acting skills, perform various exercises to develop attention, imagination, stage speech, plasticity, as well as participate in team games. Children can also contribute to the filming of a real TV show, KidZtime SHOW, participate in a professional workshop, and learn all about what it means to be a TV personality. KidZtime SHOW will be held on a first-come first-serve basis.

The interactive Family Bakery Theatre of Taste performance is a special part of the programme, a magical journey to Paris, where attendees find themselves behind the scenes at the real French bakery of Monsieur Jean Jules Jacques, and learn about traditions carefully passed on from generation to generation. The show's creators guarantee that everyone will take away a piece of happiness and a tasty bun from the performance.

Legendary Meik Wiking, the author of the best-selling Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living, will give a lecture about happiness in the city. The founder and head of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen claims to have found similarities among the happiest people in the world.

Festival attendees will also get to meet William Powers, who moved from New York to a log cabin in the woods for the sake of an experiment, as well as Adriana Friedman, the founder of the Brazilian Nepsid centre of research in the field of symbolism, childhood and development.

Parents are welcome to attend open discussions with specialists on subjects like Schools of the Future, Birds in the Big City, I Want to Become a Great Inventor, and others.

And finally, MUF 2018 Festival is proud to present the German Raubdruckerin street artists and their amazing prints made using paint and manholes. Festival guests are welcome to come decorate their own clothes or bags with a printed pattern.

Participation in all Festival activities is free.


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