17 July 2018
Global Partnership Agreement Between the MUF and UN-Habitat Signed at the Moscow Urban Forum
Global Partnership Agreement Between the MUF and UN-Habitat Signed at the Moscow Urban Forum

The Moscow Urban Forum has formed partnerships with UN-Habitat, the United Nations Human Settlements Programme.

On 17 July during the Forum the corresponding two-year agreement was signed by Denis Boykov, CEO of MUF Autonomous Non-Commercial Organisation, and Eduardo Moreno, UN-Habitat's representative.

According to Vasily Auzan, Programme Director of MUF 2018, as part of the agreement the organisations will exchange their professional experience and seek effective solutions to current urban policy problems.

"UN-Habitat is determining the key challenges in urban development and the way cities can respond to them with the help of new solutions. Our forum is also dedicated to the challenges of the cities of the future. Through our partnership with UN-Habitat we will include these topics in the agenda of Moscow development," Auzan said.

Eduardo Moreno brought into focus that the forum in Moscow is a platform for mutual learning, understanding and development. Moreno expressed his hope for fruitful cooperation between the organisations and noted the high level of the forum organisation in 2018. "Today we are signing a partnership agreement, which is equally important for both organisations and confirms our intentions to work and develop together. Moscow, as a changing megapolis, shows amazing results every year, so its experience will be very important for our colleagues around the world."

"I believe that Moscow could hold the next World Urban Forum in 2022," Moreno concluded.

Denis Boykov thanked the UN-Habitat's representative for forming partnerships and noted that it would be a privilege for Moscow to hold the World Urban Forum, which takes place biyearly.


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