The group of companies “MonArch” is one of the leading organizations of the metropolitan building complex, which specializes in the construction of individual monolithic homes. It is one of the few structures, which accomplishes the project and carries out the work on monolithic construction developing the technologies for each operation.

The application of innovations and modern equipment makes it possible to considerably improve the quality and decrease the time of construction. During more than 20-year history the Group of companies “MonArch” has accumulated a colossal experience of construction and earned high reputation of the responsible general contractor and a reliable partner. Today “MonArch” is among the biggest building companies of Moscow and Russia. In the meantime the Group of companies “MonArch” has built more than 150 facilities in Moscow, Sochi, Erevan, Berlin and other. In Olimpic Sochi we have the office building in the Imeretinsk valley for the personnel of the autonomous nongovernmental organization “Organizational Committee of the XXII Winter Olympic Games and the XI Winter Paralympic Games 2014” in Sochi was recognized as the winner in the contest the “Best implemented project of 2013 in the field of investments and construction” in the nomination the “Best facilities, built by the Moscow participants in the investment and construction process in other regions of Russia and abroad”.

This is by far a complete list of successfully implemented ideas and projects. Every site built by the company has its own appearance and many of them are of federal importance.

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