PIK Group

PIK Group is a leading Russian real estate developer, focusing on large-scale residential projects within the Moscow Metropolitan Area and selected Russian cities.

Since its foundation in 1994 PIK Group has become a market leader in the mass market residential property sector completing over 15 million square meters of affordable housing across the country which is more than 250,000 residential apartments.

The Group’s substantial and diversified land bank is mostly concentrated in Moscow and Moscow region. With PIK’s total net selling area of 5,5 million square meters, 4.1 million square meters are located in Moscow Metropolitan Area .

Since 2007 PIK is listed at London Stock Exchange. Being a public company PIK Group seeks to adhere to leading global corporate governance standards, making it attractive for business development and offering confidence to investors.

The Russian Government included PIK in the list of the nation’s strategically important companies.

Its substantial portfolio of district-size residential developments together with owned prefabricated housing facilities make the Company one of the few vertically integrated developers in Russia, in control of every stage of the development process - from planning and construction to sales and facility management.

In 2014 PIK Group has modernized its production facilities and as a result of that modernization in 2015 the Company introduced new products for industrial and concrete housing with much improved aesthetic and consumer characteristics.

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