Vesper is a private company investing in prime residential property in Moscow and European countries. The company portfolio consists of 11 de luxe projects of different stages of development including renovation of historic buildings and cultural property sites. One-off contemporary architectural designs, advanced technologies, high-quality materials and best international real estate practices are implemented in each of Vesper residential properties.

The company projects are noted for their cosmopolitanism; they embody the most successful world expertise adapted to the national historical and architectural specifics of the city. Vesper respects the history; that is why the company is engaged in the renovation of historic buildings and cultural property sites.

Vesper de luxe houses are intended for the most exacting buyers who set a high value on the unique location combined with the individual architectural designs and state-of-the-art technologies, ensuring the high-quality living standards. Vesper founders and shareholders are Denis Kitaev and Boris Azarenko.

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