JSC DOM.RF (known as AHML prior to March 2018) was established in 1997 to implement state policy in the housing sector. All of DOM.RF's shares belong to the state as represented by the Federal Agency for State Property Management (Rosimuschestvo). DOM.RF sets the direction of development for the housing market in Russia, seeks to make modern comfortable housing more affordable and influences the urban environment. In 2015, DOM.RF led to the creation of the United Development Institute for Housing. As part of its activities, DOM.RF is engaged in the development of the mortgage lending market and mortgage securities, and development of the rental housing market. Techniques used include using collective investment mechanisms and putting unused federal land into circulation. An important activity is the creation of comfortable housing in Russian cities. To this end, principles of integrated land development are being elaborated, which will form the basis for the transformation of all 1113 cities. The Urban Environment Quality Index is also being developed, which will help city administrations as well as research and project organisations to identify key environmental problems and to start eliminating them. Other tasks include the creation of a universal mortgage-building bank under the DOM.RF brand, which should become one of the top-3 banks by mortgage loan volume by 2020.

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