Leader Invest

LEADER INVEST is a development company carrying out residential and commercial real estate projects in Moscow. Its portfolio includes 45 projects with a total area of roughly 3.0m sq m. The company's business priority is residential construction, including both small complexes in well-developed and comfortable neighbourhoods and modern comprehensive development projects. Leader Invest aims to increase the returns of its project portfolio through higher turnover and improvement of the efficiency of design, construction and sales.

LEADER INVEST 's infill construction activities include residential projects at various stages with the implementation period of 2.5 years. During 2017, the company launched ten new infill construction projects and commissioned two: clubhouses at Sretenka and Serpukhovsky Val. Active sales have already started at 27 infill construction projects.Comprehensive development is represented by three projects: ZIL Yug (1,690,000 sq m), Nagatino i-Land (472,000 sq m) and 120 Lobachevskogo St. (273,000 sq m).

In 2017, LEADER INVEST become a leader in the Moscow market of residential construction and company’s profit margins are among the highest in the Russian development industry.

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